Fund the Renovation!

Fund the renovation: $35K in 30 Days! Donate to Women & Children & YOU First today to help us create a new community and event space that ensures our sustainability for years and years to come! Donations can be made through our indiegogo campaign found HERE.

More information on the renovation can be found HERE.  

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed so far!

Events This Month

Coming up this week:

Wed Oct 29 at 7:30 pm

Barbara Mahany

Slowing Time


Thu Oct 30 at 7:30 pm

Joan Larkin & Anne Laughlin

Blue Hanuman

The Acquittal

Sun Nov 2 at 4:30 pm

Lee-Ann Meredith

Angels in My Classroom


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Looking for your new favorite author? A great vacation read? Something perfect for your book club? We have recommendations!



" A fascinating read! Offers a first0hand account of the "Arab Spring" from those on the frontlines of the revolution! Features essays from activiss over half of whom are women. A unique read."

- Eden

"Great women's history! Lynn Povich writes with verve about the 46 women who took Newsweek to court in 1970--an inspiring story in itself. She frames her story with that of young Newsweek staffers, who in 2010 realized the culture of sexism may be subtler, but is still in force."

- Linda

Check here for more staff recommendations 


Announcing New Owners of Women & Children First

After sharing their plans to sell Women & Children First last October, Ann and Linda are thrilled to finally share this heartfelt news with the community. By selecting two of their colleagues--Lynn Mooney and Sarah Hollenbeck--to step into the roles of co-owners, friends of the store can rest assured that the store, though changing hands, will not be changing heart.

Please read a letter from Ann & Linda to our customers & friends of Women and Children First. And for more details about the new owners check out the press release.

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