Big Fat Lies: Verses in Praise of Bodhicitta (Paperback)

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In this authoritative, easy-to-read book, Glenn Gaesser, an exercise physiologist, challenges the conventional wisdom that excess body fat poses a danger to health. He explains that it is the fat in your diet not your weight that is harmful, and presents scientific evidence of the benefits of body fat. In addition, Gaesser presents a 20/20 program” for achieving optimal health and metabolic fitness through 20 minutes of daily moderate exercise and a complex-carbohydrate eating plan. This edition includes a new introduction and updated research. Challenges the common beliefs that thin is best’ and weight loss improves health.’ ” Pat Lyons, author of Great Shape

About the Author

Glenn A. Gaesser, Ph.D., a professor of exercise physiology at the University of Virginia, is a coauthor of the American College of Sports Medicine's "ACSM's Health/Fitness Facility Standards and Guidelines" and the author of "Big Fat Lies." He lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780936077420
ISBN-10: 0936077425
Publisher: Gurze Books
Publication Date: July 22nd, 2002
Pages: 270
Language: English

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