Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth about Your Weight (Paperback)

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A healthy-living book that explains the physiology of weight, this guide debunks the diet-to-lose myth by illustrating that traditional dieting activities actually activate "thrifty genes" that lead to weight gain, both by increasing hunger and triggering other mechanisms. The steps outlined in this resource stress that by giving up the weight fight and by focusing on overall wellness and fitness, the body will become healthier and more fit. Uniquely integrating physiological, psychological, and sociocultural perspectives, this authoritative reference shows how to improve health--which is ultimately the only way to achieve a balanced and optimum weight--resulting in higher self-esteem, more energy, happier living, and a healthier physique.

Product Details ISBN-10: 1933771585
ISBN-13: 9781933771588
Published: BenBella Books, 11/01/2008
Pages: 326
Language: English