Lyin' Cheatin' Bastards

A. Freeman, Claire Young, Vicki Zwart (authors) and Angus
Carroll (editor)

Cheatin' Bastards

Bug Press

Anthony Weiner’s wiener to Larry Craig’s infamous bathroom
toe-tap, we’ve come to expect large stores of stupidity and
dishonesty from our elected officials. But it’s getting hard to
keep track of who’s done what—hence the handy compendium Lyin'
Cheatin' Bastards
No political office is sacred and no party immune. From small-town
mayors to well-known congressmen, this
fully illustrated compilation proves neither intelligence nor
integrity is required to get elected in America.
In fact, it may be time to ask if there’s a deeper problem. Do the
right people run for office? Have we set the bar too low? Is there
anything we can do but laugh? Join the authors and editor of the
collection for what is sure to be a revealing evening. 

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 7:30pm
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