AfroFuturist Bundle


We decided to dedicate the bundle to Afrofuturism because in the words of artist Alisha B. Wormsley "There Are Black People in The Future". Our AfroFuturist Bundle will consist of two options: The Genre and The Movement

The Genre is our fiction option focusing on highlighting the iconic work that gave us Afrofuturism, as a distinct literary canon. In addition to those who love the likes of Octavia Butler and such, this is a great choice for anyone wanting to discover and explore Afrofuturism for the first time. 

The Movement consists of both non-fiction and fiction selections. In its prolificness, Afrofuturism has delivered a roadmap for social justice movements and pedagogy. The selections in The Movement will highlight contemporary thought on Black liberation as well as a comic book or graphic novel that showcases Afrofuturism through artistic expression.

**Please note, the attached image shows the kinds of items that will be included in the bundle, not the exact items included. Gift bundles are non-returnable and items included cannot be exchanged**

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