The Whole Enchilada: A Spicy Collection of Sylvia's Best (Paperback)

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Part of an interview conducted by Larry McDonald, Sebastopol (CA) Times & News

McDonald: You seem to take special pleasure in making fun of men whose names begin with "R" (Rocky, Rambo, Ronald Reagan). Is there a reason?

Sylvia: It does seem more than coincidental that many powerful, less than bright men have names beginning with "R". Perhaps an alphabetologist could explain it, or maybe a phrenologist, or a pharmacist.

There are only three other famous women who share the intensity of your passion of hats, and they're all members of the British Royal Family. Do you have a secret desire to wear a crown? If not, what else do you have in common with Liz, Di, and the Queen Mum?

I believe my passion for hats is closer to Louella Parsons, Bea Lillie and Minnie Pearl's. As to what I have in common with Liz, Di, and the Queen Mother, I think it can be fairly said that we all look great in shorts.

You're obviously urban. Have you ever spent time in a less pressured environment, like a farm, or California?

I can only live where I can use my Jewel Food Stores check-cashing card, but I think I was on Melrose Avenue in L.A. once.

Do you consider Phyllis Schlafly liberated?

If Phyllis stayed home she'd be doing everyone but her family a favor.

If tomorrow you woke up as Nancy Reagan, what would your first reaction be?


Nicole Hollander takes credit for producing your comic strip. What do you have in common, if anything?

She often borrows my shoes, but her feet are somewhat larger than mine.

Do you collaborate on the contents of the strip?

The truth is the cat writes the strips. Nicole and I just sit around reading the National Enquirer and drinking coffee.

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ISBN: 9780312877576
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date: September 1st, 1986
Pages: 208