Brand New: The Shape of Brands to Come (Paperback)


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The world’s leading practitioner of branding predicts the future of companies’ identities in an ever -changing marketing landscape

What is the future for brands and branding? Does globalization mean that variety and individuality will be crushed out of existence by massive multinationals? Will everywhere and everything become similar, like the world of airports today? Or will there still be room for brands that thrive on being different? What about the impact of digital technology and increasing customer feedback through the internet and social media? What, in fact, do customers want? Today's businesses, in addition to thinking about price and authenticity, have to deal with corporate social responsibility. How does this affect the products and services we consume? How does it influence the way we feel about organizations? Are corporations here to maximize profits and grow, or to help society, or both? With the rapid rise of new markets in India, China, Brazil, and elsewhere, will new global brands emerge based around local cultural strengths and heritage? If so, what will this mean for the traditional dominance of brands based on Western cultural norms?

Wally Olins's fascinating book looks at every aspect of the world of branding. With his customary flair and no-nonsense prose, he analyzes the problems facing today's organizations, criticizes corporate missteps, praises those companies who seem to be building and sustaining brands efficiently in our brave new world, and  predicts the future of branding. No one interested in marketing, business, or contemporary culture will want to be without this book.

About the Author

Wally Olins has advised many of the world's leading organizations on identity, branding, and communication, including McKinsey, Renault, Volkswagon, and Akzo-Nobel. His previous books include Corporate Identity and Wally Olins on Brand. He lives in London.

Praise For…

Olins . . . welcomed the debate of his ideas over the power of branding.

There’s no doubt that the prescient Olins has left a yawning gap in the world of branding. His final book, at least, should see the rest of us well into the future.
— Sway
Product Details
ISBN: 9780500291399
ISBN-10: 050029139X
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Publication Date: April 22nd, 2014
Pages: 300
Language: English