Grit Grind GROW!: A Guide To Conquering Career Transition (Paperback)

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Grit Grind GROW!: A Guide To Conquering Career Transition By Alexis (Lex) R. Brown Cover Image


"Grit Grind Grow A Guide to Conquering Career Transition" is designed to help you approach your career like an entrepreneur, so that you're always adaptable and empowered to land bigger and better career offers, quickly, frequently, and consistently.

This book is written by a military veteran who has proven the information provided first-hand, and has empowered numerous others to replicate successes.

This book is certainly for anyone who's seeking the insight and solutions being shared here. However, it is written having six target groups in mind:

Transitioning Military Veterans: Every year over 250,000 armed forces service members leave the military to reintegrate into the civilian public and private-sector workforces. Nearly 90 percent relocate to another area; many of whom also take a long-delayed vacation to celebrate joining the civilian world and give careful consideration to what's next. I'm a Vet, and I've been down this road. If you're also in this category, I'm confident this book will speak to you in some way.

Military Spouses: Over 93 percent of all military spouses are women, and women already have several unique factors to face in their career and business paths. Combine that with the fact that Military families are continually moving from base to base, causing spouses to frequently have to transfer jobs or seek new employment opportunities. This frequently makes landing great jobs challenging for them. My book addresses being dynamic and adaptable for such reasons.

Unemployed Citizens: According to World Bank and the US Bureau of Labor Statics, the US Unemployment Rate post COVID-19 is hovering around 6.7% - this is a captive audience awaiting great content such as Grit Grind Grow to motivate, inspire, and guide them on their journeys to achieving gainful employment. If you're in this group at the moment, stay strong and be encouraged - tough times don't last, but tough people who read books like this one do: )

Recent College Graduates: Usually somewhere from 18 to 30 years of age, this group is still assessing their professional and personal directions for life. This book is written to help streamline that life phase.

Professionals of Color: As a Black man, I've had my fair share of opportunities where I sensed that bias regarding my cultural identity may have prevented me as the most viable candidate from being otherwise selected. That's why I've devised a few tactics to mitigate this issue, particularly when I talk about treating job hunting and interviewing as a sales process later in the book.

Seasoned Professionals: You may feel a bit out of sorts in what's seeming to be a very youth-biased technology-driven work culture. However, your years of wisdom aren't holding you back. In fact, it's an obvious advantage in most cases. However, your willingness to learn and your desire to change and grow are where the impact really is. Allow me to elaborate a few pages from now.

If you're not associated with one of the six groups just mentioned, please stick with me and continue reading, because you deserve great content and even better results, too

Product Details
ISBN: 9780578333779
ISBN-10: 0578333775
Publisher: Fortiphi, LLC
Publication Date: January 26th, 2021
Pages: 82
Language: English