Memories of You: Pet Memory Book (Helping Kids Heal #10) (Paperback)

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Memories of You: Pet Memory Book (Helping Kids Heal #10) By Erainna Winnett Cover Image


Has your family lost a beloved pet? Has your child been struggling with the sadness and confusion about the death of a pet?

Few children get through childhood without experiencing the loss of a precious pet. Memories of You is an interactive memory book that honors the special role a pet plays in a child's life, from playmate to best friend to treasured source of comfort during hard times.

Using Memories of You, parents can work directly with their children (ages 6 to 10) as they navigate their grief through activities that include writing, drawing, storytelling, and other engaging exercises to support children in commemorating the bond they shared with their pet.

  • engaging drawings to capture children's interest
  • activities designed to help them remember their adventure with their pet from the day it entered their life through the day it traveled over the rainbow bridge
  • exercises to help them learn how to respond to unhelpful statements from others and plan a special service to remember their pet
  • visual journaling and art therapy that helps children explore their feelings of sadness, guilt, and anger and how to express them appropriately
  • daily reflection journal to implement what they've learned and to help them as they heal from their loss

By spending just ten minutes a day engaged with the more than thirty activities in this book, your child will learn to articulate their feelings and identify the best ways to express themselves. Get started today and help your child acquire a wealth of tools to process the loss of a pet with wisdom, compassion, and sweet memories to last a lifetime.

What parents are saying

"I know many people have special relationships with pets and love them as children, but for us, Lucy the dog was more than just a pet. She was a service animal for our daughter, who is eleven and has seizures. Lucy literally saved our child's life. Unfortunately for all of us, we recently had to say goodbye to Lucy. Some people prefer to wait to get a new pet after one dies, but we had to get a new one right away. We've learned that no dog can ever replace Lucy but we have found a different, though just as strong, bond with our new companion, Ricky. This book has helped all of us talk about what we miss about Lucy and remember her together in a really powerful way. Thank you so much for this book."

"Last year, we adopted a kitten that our ten-year-old son found abandoned. Unfortunately, the kitten was sicker than we knew and we had her for only about seven months. My son fell in love with her quickly and was devastated by her loss. He has been struggling with feeling guilty. He's afraid he didn't take good enough care of her. This memory book has been so beneficial to help him walk through this grief and understand that they had a lot of love to share in a very short time."

"I am so pleased with how engaged my kid, who's eight, has been with this activity book. We lost a beloved dog who had been with us before my son entered our life. We were having trouble grieving ourselves while helping our son through his sadness. Memories of You has helped us all "

About the Author

Child education and counseling expert Erainna Winnett brings more than 20 years of experience in teaching, counseling, and raising children to the hot-button issues every child faces today. Helping Kids Heal is a series of activity books written with healing in mind. Each book addresses real world problems children face on a daily basis. Through therapeutic art and writing exercises, kids can express their feelings and learn how to deal with those feelings in appropriate ways. Designed for children ages 6-12, these activity books are meant to be used as a counseling tool to foster a positive self-image and healthy coping strategies and to provide parents, educators, and counselors with tools to assist children as they process and work through some of today's toughest issues. Erainna was born and raised in central Louisiana. The oldest of five children she always yearned to be a teacher and forced her siblings to play school year round. Naturally, she graduated with a teaching degree in 1995 and earned her Master's degree in 2000. Five years later she earned her Education Specialist degree in early childhood education. After fifteen years in the classroom, she moved to the role of school counselor and has never been happier. While serving as school counselor at an elementary school in northeast Texas, she frequently uses children's books as therapy to help her students heal, learn and grow. Ideas for her books come from the students she works with on a daily basis. Her goal, as an author, is to touch the hearts of children, one story at a time. Erainna has written over thirty books designed to guide parents, teachers, and counselors as they help children to become their best self. Erainna lives on a 300 acre cattle ranch near the Red River with her husband, two daughters, three dogs, two horses, and one ill-tempered cat.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780615907796
ISBN-10: 0615907792
Publisher: Counseling with Heart
Publication Date: January 1st, 2014
Pages: 114
Language: English
Series: Helping Kids Heal