Silencing the Inner Ghosts: A Creative Outlet for Tackling Self-Harm (Paperback)

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Silencing the Inner Ghosts: A Creative Outlet for Tackling Self-Harm By Vj Cast Cover Image
By Vj Cast


Are you looking for a way to put your self-harm urges into a much-needed time-out?

Silencing the Inner Ghosts makes starting your recovery from using self-harm as a coping mechanism as simple as breaking out a well-chewed pen and some craft supplies; because sometimes when you're hurting deeply and afraid of what this might make you do it helps to cover the nightmare with glitter and doodles.

Using a combination of personal experience tempered by medical input this highly customizable and creative remix of the standard therapy workbook offers:

  • Much-needed reassurance that you aren't a 'freak' and that non-suicidal self-harm is a valid mental health issue that can be treated with time and effort.
  • The opportunity, to manage your urges in a creative, life-affirming way, regardless of your writing or artistic talent.
  • A self-guided recovery path that will always be in sync with your current needs and capabilities.
  • An escape from the scary sight of endless lines and empty pages that comes with journaling by providing prompts, which are both inspiring and thought-provoking.
  • An eclectic compilation of medically proven therapy techniques that'll help you actively bolster your mental resilience and stability when you need it most.
  • A fun introduction to the power of transformational storytelling and mindfulness art practices.

So, let Silencing the Inner Ghosts take on the role of a best friend and compassionate guide through your dark times and jump-start your self-harm recovery with some creativity, a little time, and a dash of self-honesty.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780648247456
ISBN-10: 0648247457
Publisher: Offbeat Brains
Publication Date: May 1st, 2021
Pages: 204
Language: English