Petra: The History of Jordan's Rose City (Paperback)

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Petra: The History of Jordan's Rose City Cover Image
By History Titans (Created by)


While Petra's fame might often come second to things like the Egyptian pyramids at Giza, ancient Greece, or the Great Wall of China, you can now see that the Rose City certainly deserves its place under the Sun as one of the most precious jewels of our collective, human heritage. Petra surely has a surplus of beauty and other kinds of visual appeal, but you can now see that this is only half of the picture. Our world is filled to the brim with such wonders, bestowed upon us by countless different cultures from every corner of the planet. Some are older or more renowned than others, but all remnants of civilizations of the past have one thing in common: they tell us invaluable stories. These are stories of lives led by people who seem infinitely distant from our perspective but might have as well lived yesterday as far as the grand scheme of time is concerned. They might have had a different outlook and daily life, but the essence of humanity remains fundamentally unchanged.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780648740803
ISBN-10: 0648740803
Publisher: Creek Ridge Publishing
Publication Date: November 16th, 2019
Pages: 82
Language: English