Hold On To Your R.A.F.T.!: Principles to Preserve Godly Purpose (Paperback)

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Hold On To Your R.A.F.T.!: Principles to Preserve Godly Purpose By Jr. Humphrey, Charles Cover Image


In his debut book titled Hold On To Your R.A.F.T. , Pastor Charles Humphrey Jr. explores the dynamic between a man's purpose and the principles of Responsibility, Accountability, Faithfulness and Transparency (R.A.F.T.). As evidence, it is noted that men operating in God-given purpose can accomplish extraordinary things. The ingenuity to erect skyscrapers, the creativity to create blockbuster movies, and the charisma to engage sold-out arenas with words or music can literally transform the human experience. These same men can also fall prey to extraordinary failure that transforms lives negatively. The same doctor who helps world class Olympic gymnasts perform on a global stage, can subject them to the violation and humiliation of sexual assault. The same football player who punishes would be tacklers subjects his girlfriend to physical and emotional abuse in the home. The same CEO who raises millions to build a company can through scandal, end up costing the company millions more through lawsuits against him and the company. The failure is not the inability to dominate a professional sport, perform in front of sold-out arenas, or run a political campaign. The failure is the inability or unwillingness to "hold on" to basic principles of life - principles that these same men applied in other areas to achieve success in the first place.

The R.A.F.T. is explored from the the time of the first man - Adam, who abdicated his R.A.F.T. in the garden, to modern man who is still impacted by his action. As a remedy, men are challenged and encouraged to escape from places of isolation, develop relationships with like-minded men, and even connect with men of diverse backgrounds for a greater cause - preserving God-given purpose. Incredible adventures and opportunities become available to the men who dare to "Hold On", even in the midst of adversity, external challenges and internal fear. Our women, families and communities are desperately looking for a man who will Hold On.

People are watching and waiting to see if you will Hold On To Your R.A.F.T.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780692048115
ISBN-10: 0692048111
Publisher: Charles Humphrey
Publication Date: June 26th, 2018
Pages: 156
Language: English