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REVPAC - Revenue Participation Capital - BONDS: The New Revolutionary Financial Instrument; Changing the Way We Fund New Ideas (Paperback)


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REVPAC - Revenue Participation Capital - BONDS: The New Revolutionary Financial Instrument; Changing the Way We Fund New Ideas Cover Image
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The most potent Financial Instrument in the Venture Capital World.

The new and revolutionary Financial Instrument - REVPAC BONDS - is the missing tool sought by Bankers and Entrepreneurs that have experienced the struggle and anguish of underwriting emerging commercial enterprises.

The innovative key feature of the new Financial Instrument is the potent combination of "fractionalizing" future gross receipts (Not Net) of commerce and venture enterprises - coupled with an Investment Redemption Guaranty Combining investment risk-insurance with potential multiple Return-on-Investment potential offers the Investment-Finance World the opportunity for a meaningful paradigm shift.

The REVPAC BOND paradigm shift is the integration of investment-risk-insurance coverage for investors. This brings together insurance-underwriters and investment-bankers into a working relationship to fund emerging business ventures and small business enterprises.

Empowering Swift and Decisive Judicial Action against IP Infringement:

The centerpiece of the REVPAC BOND, is the Intellectual Property rights (protecting the enterprise) that collateralizes the yield entitlements of the investment capital. The Bond yield entitlements are based on a portion of the gross revenue receipts of the enterprise and the Bonds are registered as bank instruments within the jurisdictions wherein the enterprise is developing its commerce. Any infringement of the intellectual Property, qualifies as a direct infringement on the registered bank instrument.

Now, via the citation of Banking, Financial, Securities, Trade, Commerce, Insurance VIOLATIONS (Civil, Mercantile and Penal) - swift legal court action can be achieved to secure Temporary Restraining Orders to expedite immediate relief and Rapid Court Resolutions - wherein the alleged infringement is brought before the court.

This legal action puts "teeth" into litigating the Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights that has hitherto been lacking in the global trade and capital marketplace.

The Definitive Guide to one of the most important capital instruments of this century

  • Loaded with Dynamic Cutting-edge information;

  • Examples of Organic Documents that are the underpinnings of the REVPAC BOND.

  • Replete with Capital Market application strategies - Funding of the Arts, Social Entrepreneurism, NGO Funding; Adaptabilty for Public Pension Funds, Islamic Banks, Corporate Legal / Accounting Advisory & Planning, Patent and Copyright Protection, etc.

  • Compellingly written to serve as the ultimate tutelage for any reader - from experts to novices.

  • A must read for Innovators, Investors, Investment Professionals and anyone else interested in the world of finance.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780692937341
ISBN-10: 069293734X
Publisher: Eminem Leconomiste
Publication Date: October 15th, 2017
Pages: 246
Language: English