The Non-Euclidean Revolution: With an Introduction by H.S.M Coxeter (Paperback)

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The Non-Euclidean Revolution: With an Introduction by H.S.M Coxeter Cover Image


Richard Trudeau confronts the fundamental question of truth and its representation through mathematical models in The Non-Euclidean Revolution. First, the author analyzes geometry in its historical and philosophical setting; second, he examines a revolution every bit as significant as the Copernican revolution in astronomy and the Darwinian revolution in biology; third, on the most speculative level, he questions the possibility of absolute knowledge of the world.

Trudeau writes in a lively, entertaining, and highly accessible style. His book provides one of the most stimulating and personal presentations of a struggle with the nature of truth in mathematics and the physical world.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780817642372
ISBN-10: 0817642374
Publisher: Birkhauser
Publication Date: April 20th, 2001
Pages: 270
Language: English