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In Defense of the Innocent: How to Respond and Recover When Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault or Other Serious Misconduct in the New #MeToo World (Paperback)


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In Defense of the Innocent: How to Respond and Recover When Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault or Other Serious Misconduct in the New #MeToo World Cover Image
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Not all men are sexual predators, and indeed, some women are the tragic victims of violent sexual assault. However, a significant portion of our society has been convinced by a global social justice movement, which holds that most men are in fact dangerous predators. Co-opted by mindless enablers in the media, uninteresting, yet vocal celebrities, and a significant number of pandering lawmakers, many have been persuaded to believe men are dangerous marauders ceaselessly searching for prey. They believe that when accused of sexual assault or other serious misconduct, men deserve to be publicly exposed, professionally ruined, and when possible, criminally prosecuted. Their message is simple: men are evolutionarily inferior and inherently boorish pigs. As such, men must be relentlessly pursued and exposed whenever, and however possible. This book is not seeking sanctuaries for the guilty, or rationalizing boorish and offensive behavior. Nor is this book intended to change minds or persuade. Instead its purpose is to inform. Specifically, it is intended to inform men and the many women who know them, love them, and/or believe that men are citizens whose rights deserve protection under the law. This book is to help protect and preserve the reputations of the innocent. The author's intent is to help end some of the insanity that surrounds and propels the #MeToo movement and diminish its proponents' ability to destroy innocent people, their future, and our culture. As the chapter titles suggest, with the aid of an extensive appendices and a liberal use of endnotes, the author explores how this destructive force came about, how our system of justice has been shamelessly manipulated and co-opted, and how we, as rational and responsible citizens, can and should respond. Specifically, the author examines the evolution and current state of the law, its implementation, and most informatively, how the falsely accused should react and defend themselves. He critically reveals how schools, institutions of higher-learning, and employers typically conduct internal investigations, what one can expect when falsely accused and that which he can do to prove his innocence and preserve his reputation when necessary. The authors also provides insights as to how to survive the inanity of hyper-sensitive, risk-adverse employers and institutions and their sometimes, flat-footed fact-finders who often neither know the law, nor the concept of fairness and impartiality. Using his years of expertise investigating allegations of harassment and discrimination and defending those investigations, as either the investigator who performed that investigation or as an expert witness who evaluated the investigations of others, the author reveals how decision-makers and triers-of-fact should determine guilt and deliver justice when appropriate. But possibly the most valuable thing the author provides the accused is hope. For without hope, even the strongest cannot survive. Not all men are predators, nor are all women, breathless angels. This book will reveal why our enlightened elites wherever they may be found and the mindless obedient who pray at their altar are so often wrong, and how we and their victims can and should respond.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780937309032
ISBN-10: 0937309036
Publisher: Authorvista, LLC
Publication Date: June 30th, 2020
Pages: 352
Language: English