Alpha Phonics and How to Tutor Little Companion Readers (Paperback)

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NOTICE: NEW LOW PRICE BRAND NEW 2018 edition: Now you can buy all 10 Readers bound together into one convenient book (Won't lose any of the books and they won't come unstapled ) The content is IDENTICAL to the Little Companion Readers you have known and loved for 25 years. This is the Alpha-Phonics and How To Tutor Little Companion Readers Book to accompany phonics reading instruction in either Alpha-Phonics or How To Tutor by Samuel L. Blumenfeld. Each of the 10 Readers contained in the NEW BOOK has a short story which is ideal for little beginners. The Readers are coordinated to where the student is as he/she progresses through either Alpha-Phonics or How To Tutor. First Reader covers short A lessons, Second Reader covers short E lessons and so on throughout the first 77 lessons. Very popular with teachers and students. Many children say even with the First Reader: Oh Mommy, I am reading my own book Economical, durable & reusable. The Readers are in large type so as to be easy for little beginners and are short in length: 6 to 10 pages. They challenge the student without overdoing it. The Readers contain only the words the student has already learned up to that point. Eight have a complete short story that the beginners in particular really enjoy. The other two have lists of practice sentences. After the first 77 lessons the student, while still learning from the remaining lessons in either Alpha-Phonics or How To Tutor, is capable of working with a wide variety of outside practice reading books. The first five Readers in the Book deal with one short vowel each: a, e, i, o, and u. Book one for example deals with the first 12 lessons. Reader # 6: Short vowels with digraphs like ch, sh and wh, through lesson 35. Reader # 7 More Short vowels, through lesson 42. And so on. Reader #8 Short vowels mixed, through lesson 49. Reader # 9 Short vowels through lesson 57. Reader # 10. Short vowels through lesson 71. A BONUS is that the Readers aid in developing comprehension as you go. You just ask the student questions about what they have read in the story. What was the story about? What happened first? Last? You go from one Reader to the next as you progress through either Alpha-Phonics or How Tutor's reading instruction section. (More info about the READERS in a moment). Amazon also has available the Alpha-Phonics and How To Tutor Phonics Workbook (ISBN: 9780941995337- $ 19.95) to accompany Alpha-Phonics or How To Tutor. The Alpha-Phonics reading textbook itself program is available on (ISBN: 9780941995320 $ 24.95). This complete phonics instruction program works at all ages, especially little beginners. Just order from The Readers and Phonics Workbook, while optional, are considered by many parents to be very helpful to do a great job teaching their children. A final product Amazon offers which really helps many Moms teach their children good, solid phonics is the Alpha-Phonics 128 Lesson Video DVD (ISBN 9780941995238 - only $ 8.00) This is a DVD of a 2-hour Workshop Sam conducted during which he went through EVERY one of the 128 Lessons in Alpha-Phonics and ALL 117 lessons in the How To Tutor reading instruction section. Mom can sit in her living room and have Sam take her through the Alpha-Phonics with the book in her lap just as if she were attending the workshop herself. Using some or all of these accompanying materials help make it easy to assure a complete success teaching children to be excellent readers. The Alpha-Phonics reading instruction program is highly recommended by leading reviewers Cathy Duffy and Mary Pride. Also recommended by the Robinson Curriculum people.

About the Author

Barbara Simkus, who wrote this book of 10 Readers known as the Alpha-Phonics and How To Tutor Companion Readers, to accompany either Alpha-Phonics or How To Tutor by Samuel L. Blumenfeld, was a very longtime friend and associate of Sam Blumenfeld's. She felt the need to have a set of readers fully coordinated with the phonics reading instruction in the two books by Blumenfeld. She composed this wonderfully well accepted set with the full blessing of Blumenfeld. As opposed to sets of phonics reading practice books like the Bob Books, her set is specifically keyed to accompany the Blumenfeld reading instruction in Alpha-Phonics or How To Tutor. Barbara was a private Tutor in the Detroit, Michigan area for several decades. Tutors only get the difficult cases so she fully understood the needs of students, especially those youngsters who were not learning reading as well as they could. Mrs. Simkus developed the Readers along with her two daughters, Valerie and Arianne, whom Simkus Homeschooled. Cathy Duffy, one of the leaders in reviewing Homeschooling instruction materials, in her popular 2005 book: "100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum - choosing the right curriculum and approach for your child's learning style," Broadman and Holden Publishers, Nashville TN, ISBN: 9780805431384) chose Alpha-Phonics as one of only nine phonics programs to be reviewed in her book. Duffy also lists the Alpha-Phonics and How To Tutor Little Companion Reader (Duffy says: work well with Alpha-Phonics) and the Alpha-Phonics and How To Tutor Phonics Workbook (Duffy says: reinforces lessons in Alpha-Phonics with fill-in-the-blank and written exercises) Mary Pride is another leading Homeschool materials reviewer and expert on Homeschooling. Pride has called Blumenfeld's How To Tutor: an entire school in one book.
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ISBN: 9780941995344
ISBN-10: 0941995348
Publisher: Paradigm Company
Publication Date: August 26th, 2015
Pages: 112
Language: English