The Carpenter Patriot: How leftism seeks to kill the workingman and erase common sense (Paperback)

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The Carpenter Patriot: How leftism seeks to kill the workingman and erase common sense By Will Holladay Cover Image


Many of us know Will Holladay as a roof framing specialist (A Roof Cutter's Secrets, From the Top Plates Up, Roof Framing for the Professional video series), but in this book he reveals that his dedication to rough carpentry comes in third behind his devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ and his love of country. As a staunch patriot, Will is deeply concerned that the USA is being drug further and further off her foundation by socialist leftism. Most certainly the "real world" exposure from his unusual lifestyle combined with his ongoing study of American History and economics have made this undeniable. Prior to a disabling injury in 2014, Will operated four concurrent careers. After beginning his construction career in 1972, Will became a part time whitewater river guide and outdoor educator in 1980, then added flying the summers in Alaska in 1989, and finally started serving as a humanitarian aid volunteer to Central America in 1991. These unique and vastly different experiences have provided him with an unparalleled education that one could only hope to gain over several lifetimes. Unlike elitist politicians and intellectuals who talk about things without having any direct experience in them, Will has lived them. In this book, The Carpenter Patriot, Will lays out his views on a variety of hotbed political issues and backs them up with stories from his own life. He takes on: immigration; taxes; Social Security; voting; national defense; the environment; the US government's finances; and more. He pulls no punches, and brings every subject back to the original intentions of our nation's founding fathers. Eloquently written in the intensely logical manner of the "hands on" tradesman, The Carpenter Patriot is certain to open your eyes to what is happening to our country, all the while providing some practical suggestions on what we can do about it.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780945186083
ISBN-10: 0945186088
Publisher: W & H Publishers
Publication Date: May 9th, 2018
Pages: 102
Language: English