Heart of Gold, the Musical (Paperback)

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Heart of Gold, the Musical By Luc Roger Martin, Laureen Kuhl Cover Image


Hope Rises From The Ashes...

No one planned to stay in the Porcupine Camp. All anyone hoped for was to find gold fast and get on the next train home. But when the Great Fire of 1911 strikes, something strange happens, and the people of the Porcupine Camp discover that gold isn't only found in the ground...

... It is found in each other.

Based on true events that occurred during the Porcupine Gold Rush of the early 20th century, Heart of Gold is a new musical theatre creation exploring the romance, adventure, and hope that is synonymous with Canadian History.

Reviews from the amateur premiere:
Heart of Gold an 'amazing' production By Wayne Snider, The Daily Press (Timmins)

"...The story of the community bouncing back from the Great Fire of 1911 needed to be told in a manner that carried the audience through a range of emotions - from sorrow and fear to laughter and joy... It did, allowing the performance to flow north as naturally as the Porcupine River.

... the final production is absolutely amazing.

Right from the beginning - where after the initial gold discovery, wave after wave of various immigrant groups dance onto the stage in search of the same prize - to the end where formal rivals become a loving, caring community, the audience is hooked..."

"The story, written by Laureen Kuhl, introduces us to characters that the audience cares about from the beginning. It provides a very human story - mixing romance and greed together - that not only succeeds in telling the story of the Great Fire, but is truly entertaining.

There are great moments of laughter, such as when all the guys are teasing the would-be womanizing francophone Andr LeRoux (superbly portrayed by Thomas Vezina) to when Andr is poking fun at the best attempts to read French by leading lady Caroline Mayben-Flowers (an admirable performance by Catarina Ciccone). These are pioneer scenes that one could picture taking place today - making the historic tale relatable to a modern audience.

The music... adds an entire new dimension to the story of Timmins. Individual tunes like Come On Come to the Porcupine and Gold Runs Down in Rivers could easily stand on their own. But as a key part of the story, it helps form the cultural mosaic that is Heart of Gold...."

"The audience connects with Heart of Gold on all levels.

There was a real sense of awe and fright when it was realized the Great Fire was bearing down on the pioneer community..."

As characters mourn the loss of life on stage, the audience shares the emotional experience. It was one of the most powerful theatrical moments ever seen on stage in Timmins.

Overall, the cultural Avengers of Timmins have assembled one truly magical, creative and entertaining showpiece..."

Link: http: //www.timminspress.com/2012/06/10/heart-of-gold-an-amazing-production

"It was a masterful piece..." "the show felt real. From Blogger Naomi:

"... (It) "made you feel as though you were peaking in through a window back in 1911..."

"We had the opportunity to feel fear, hatred, love, hope, joy, mourning and relief over the course of the play and it was a masterful piece performed from the heart to celebrate this wonderful community.

What a wonderful show- I only wish I was able to stay in town to enjoy it again "

Link: http: //windingdownwithnaomi.blogspot.ca

From Anthony Roberts at the Timmins Daily Press:

"... What a treat. Well done. It deserves a TIMMINS OSCAR. A night to remember."

Link: http: //www.timminspress.com/2012/06/11/heart-of-gold-musical.

About the Author

Laureen Kuhl -Book, Lyrics and Melodies For as long as I can remember I have been in love with story telling. At the age of seven I performed in my first show, a musical. I have only a few memories of the experience and they are: an enormous set piece, my cute co-star, and the audience. I loved carrying the audience through the story. I loved hearing the audience experience everything for the first time. I was hooked. From then on my friends had to put up with being a part of a new show every other week. Did your parents happen to bring you to a dinner party at our house? Well, you could expect to be wearing a costume and performing a groundbreaking experimental work by bedtime. Did you suggest you like playing with swords? Well, a few minutes later you would be riding a Pegasus and fighting Medusa. Did you mention that you would like to sing and dance too? Now, we're talking. By the time I was fifteen I was not only participating in every theatrical event I could find, I was writing, directing and performing on a monthly basis at my local church. I also ran their drama club. It came as no surprise, and perhaps great relief from my parent's dinner party club that I went on to study Theatre at York University. While there, in typical Laureen fashion, I fit in music, dance and improv classes as well as a three-year program in screenwriting. I did attempt to take a class on stage fighting but the professor went AWOL. I suspect that he was entangled in a maiden rescuing/snake-haired lady mission. Fast-forward years later; I still love stories, I still love musicals, I still love theatre, and my life still includes a family I love. I am happy to say that I have four children and a wonderful husband who not only support me but also provide me with endless sources of creativity. My family is also willing to sword-fight Medusa and ride a Pegasus. My dreams of pursing a career in theatre and story telling have come to fruition. I have since worked as a director, writer, and performer in theatre troupes throughout Ontario and in the UK. I'm happy to say that my writing has won awards for both playwriting and poetry... and I didn't even have pay them to say that! I am thrilled to tell you the story of the Porcupine Camp, an important part of Canadian history that contains so much hope for the future. I hope you enjoy it.
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ISBN: 9780986671616
ISBN-10: 0986671614
Publisher: Possibility Press
Publication Date: November 29th, 2011
Pages: 158
Language: English