The Ten Granted Paradise (Paperback)

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Dr. Nakshawani in the following work not only corrects the widespread misconception that the Shi'i intellectual tradition despises and curses all Companions, but also clarifies the reason for which some Companions were considered people of Paradise in the Shi'i (and usually the Sunni) tradition. In a few places, the author notes reasons for which the Shi'i tradition does not venerate certain Companions. Discussing controversial history as it relates to Companions and the ahl al-bayt remains a difficult enterprise, where methods and premises, let alone conclusions, substantially differ from scholar to scholar. As an expert of the Shi'i tradition, Dr. Nakshawani presents relevant Shi'i narratives for non-specialists who would otherwise be unaware of them. Thus, the following biographies fill a gap in knowledge about Companions not only revered in the Shi'i tradition, but according to the collective memory of pro-Alid Sunni and Shi'i authors, granted Paradise.

About the Author

Dr. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani is regarded as one of the most powerful speakers in the Muslim world. He was born in 1981 and graduated from the University College, London, as well as the London School of Economics. He was then awarded with an MA in Islamic Studies from Shahid Beheshti University in Iran. Dr. Nakshawani completed his PhD thesis at the University of Exeter. He has lectured at the university in Classical Islamic History and then pursued further studies at the Islamic Seminary in Damascus, Syria. Currently he is a visiting scholar at the Centre of Islamic Studies, University of Cambridge. He has written three other English language books - Ramadan Sermons, The Fourteen Infallibles and Hujr b Adi: A Victim of Terror. His fourth book, in the French language, was released in August 2013 with a Foreword by Prof Tariq Ramadan on Islam and France today.
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ISBN: 9780990374008
ISBN-10: 0990374009
Publisher: Universal Muslim Association of America
Publication Date: May 21st, 2014
Pages: 270
Language: English