Midnight, the One-Eyed Cat (Hardcover)

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Midnight, the One-Eyed Cat Cover Image


Because she is different, Midnight the one-eyed cat is bullied by other cats. Heartbroken, she runs home in tears. Now it's up to her most unlikely friend, Starlight the three-legged rat, and his bird buddies to come up with a plan to help Midnight regain her spirit.This charming story of a sweet cat who learns to overcome her fears, build her confidence, and find she's okay just as she is, takes children on an inspiring journey into the power of friendship and love.

About the Author

 Pat Wahler is an award-winning writer with fifteen stories in the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Her work also appears in Sasee Magazine,Storyteller Magazine, Reader's Digest, Kansas City Voices, and other publications. A former children's librarian, Pat believes in the power of storytelling to teach and nurture children. Her debut novel, I Am Mrs. Jesse James, is available from Blank Slate Press, an imprint of the Amphorae Publishing Group. Find out more about Pat at www.patwahler.com 

Sheree K. Nielsen is the 2015 Da Vinci Eye Award recipient and Art Category Finalist (Eric Hoffer Foundation) for Folly Beach Dances – a 'healing’ coffee table book of photography and poetry inspired by the sea and her lymphoma journey.

An award-winning author and photographer, publications include Breaking Sad, Southern Writers Magazine, AAA Southern and Midwest Traveler, Missouri Life, South and North Brunswick Magazine, and anthologies, newspapers and websites across the nation.

When not writing, she’s usually discovering new beaches and coffeehouses with her goofy dogs and patient husband. Four content cats complete her family residing on three acres in Missouri. She blogs about travel, nature, pets and family at Sheree’s Warm Fuzzies, www.shereenielsen.wordpress.com.

Janelle Dimmett is an illustrator specializing in line art, pattern design, and children's books. She studied Graphic Design at East Central College in Missouri before earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the Kansas City Art Institutute. Her work is known for being busy, colorful, and vibrant, and she works primarily in markers and fine line pens. You can find her work in coloring books, jigsaw puzzles, and picture books.

Praise For…

"Midnight, The One-Eyed Cat is an important book for children (of ALL ages) as it carries the key to life—love and acceptance of ourselves and others exactly as we are." — Cynthia Willenbrock, Author/Film Producer, Marshall the Miracle Dog

"Reading provides a medium through which children can vicariously experience new adventures and discoveries in all facets of their world. Sheree Nielsen and Pat Wahler have written a wonderfully illustrated children’s book that allows children to understand that all things – especially all people – are different and that those differences should be respected and celebrated." — Richard A. Neely, PhD, Professor of Communication Disorders at Arkansas State University

"Midnight, The One-Eyed Cat is a delightful story about unlikely friends which reminds us that love and friendship are more important than disabilities, and that we are loved just as we are, even if we’re not the same as everyone else." — Katherine Mayfield, author of The Box of Daughter and Bullied: Why You Feel Bad Inside and What to Do About It

“A poetic introduction for young readers about accepting differences in oneself and others.” — Vicki Berger Irwin, author of Different Days

"Midnight the One-Eyed Cat" weaves together the threads of genuine friendship as two unlikely pals embrace their differences and help one another overcome challenges, inspiring children to accept themselves and others just as they are." — Karen Sargent, author of Waiting for Butterflies and The MOM Journey blog

“A beautiful story about friendship through adversity. Everyone should read this tale.” — Annie England Noblin, author of Sit! Stay! Speak! and Pupcakes

Product Details
ISBN: 9780996390194
ISBN-10: 0996390197
Publisher: Treehouse Publishing Group
Publication Date: September 4th, 2018
Pages: 32
Language: English