Lace Lust & Lies: Our Shameful Affair with the Porn Industry (Paperback)

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Lace Lust & Lies: Our Shameful Affair with the Porn Industry By Aaron D. Jones Cover Image


The Author exposes the history of, and the expansion of the porn industry into the huge money machine it is today. He looks at porn's effect on families, our churches and the nation as a whole. Shares what The Bible says about these issues. Then offers a Bible solution (forgiveness, deliverance, etc.) to those caught up in porn.In a little over 60 years, we have went from banning the Bikini in public, to now today, various media outlets plaster near naked bodies all over magazines, posters, and billboards. Not to mention the millions of porn tapes, DVDs, videos and internet sites that are daily pumping out across the airwaves full nudity and every perverted sex act one can imagine (including child porn, beastiality, incest and rape). Is porn a problem at your house? It is for MILLIONS of people currently caught up in its dark destructive trap.This rapid downward social spiral, seems to prove we have lost our moral compass and no longer have any sense of decency. Fact is, we are on the brink of a complete moral and social breakdown. Many historians and theologians believe God destroyed whole cities and nations for the abundance of their over-indulgences, perversions and sexual sins, e.g., Sodom, Gomorrah, the Canaanites, Pompeii, etc. And some even think the Roman Empire itself was judged and removed by the Almighty because of their carnal appetites.Many will scoff or even laugh at such a statement, while totally ignoring the Creator and what He says about decency, marriage, men, women, sex, sin, society and the judgement to come. The masses may not like it and some may even reject it, but THE TRUTH remains, the only lasting solution to this dilemma is still found where it always was; in the pages of The Holy Bible.

About the Author

Aaron Jones is the founder of Aaron Jones Global Net Ministry and a missionary to the nations. With a special love for God's Leaders: The Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers (often referred to as the Fivefold Ministry), Aaron speaks in Leadership and Pastors Conferences around the world. His focus is on igniting a divine fire in these leaders, and then building and assisting them in their Churches, Businesses and even in Government positions to effectively finish the task God has called each individual to do. The Spirit of God spoke direct orders to Aaron one night at Rhema Bible Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, "Go to the nations and ignite my leaders with the fire of the Holy Ghost; and people will gather from miles around to watch them burn, and they will ignite others for my Kingdom." To accomplish this, Aaron will continue to go forth sending others into the high places and the low places of the world, in search of those God has called to accomplish great things.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780998153186
ISBN-10: 0998153184
Publisher: Bold Truth Publishing
Publication Date: April 8th, 2017
Pages: 150
Language: English