Islam and the State in Ibn Taymiyya: Translation and Analysis (Culture and Civilization in the Middle East) (Hardcover)

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Islam and the State in Ibn Taymiyya: Translation and Analysis (Culture and Civilization in the Middle East) By Jaan S. Islam, Adem Eryiğit Cover Image
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"Proto-Salafist" 14th-century theologian Ibn Taymiyya is recognized as the intellectual forefather of contemporary Salafism and Jihadism. This volume offers a unique approach to the study of Ibn Taymiyya, by offering an English translation of his fundamental political treatise, The Office of Islamic Government, and shorter collections from The Collected Fatwas and The Prophetic Way, and Islamic Governance in Reconciling between the Ruler and the Ruled. The volume not only sheds light on these primary sources through translation and annotation, but also offers a theoretical analysis of Ibn Taymiyya's thought and how his legal views can be reconciled with current trends in Islamic political theory. The analysis provides an overview of Ibn Taymiyya's geopolitical context, and includes an original study of his normative political thought. In examining the contemporary implications of Ibn Taymiyya's political theology, the authors explore his doctrine of the Islamic state in the context of Islamic decolonial theory.

Islam and the State in Ibn Taymiyya will appeal to academics in the fields of political science and religious studies, particularly within the field of Islamic history.

About the Author

Jaan S. Islam is a PhD Candidate of Islamic Studies and AHRC Doctoral Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. He has multiple publications in comparative political thought, and currently studies Salafī-Jihadism and decolonial political theory. Islam's forthcoming papers include an analysis of postmodern influences on jihadist thought, and a linguistic and in-tellectual history of Salafism. Adem Eryiğit is an Associate Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Iğdır. He has numerous publications in Islamic theology, and his latest book studies the political thought of Ibn Taymiyya and his theory of jihad. Eryiğit previously studied for eight years in Mecca, and completed his PhD at the University of Ankara.
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ISBN: 9781032131832
ISBN-10: 1032131837
Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: July 6th, 2022
Pages: 280
Language: English
Series: Culture and Civilization in the Middle East