100 One-Minute Speed Reading Drills: Read an Exercise in 60 Seconds... and You're Speed Reading!! (Paperback)

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100 One-Minute Speed Reading Drills: Read an Exercise in 60 Seconds... and You're Speed Reading!! Cover Image


100 Quick Reading Challenges
  • A different approach and original concept, unlike any other.
  • Trains you to see blocks of text in phrases.
  • Interesting exercises and doesn't feel like work.
  • Not a rehash of the same old techniques you've already tried.
  • Easy to adapt if you're open to new ideas.
  • Optional online course and tools included.
600 words in 60 seconds = Speed Reading
  • One-Minute exercises mean you'll always have time to do them.
  • Phrase-highlighting makes it easier to read and understand faster.
  • Each specially formatted exercise is exactly 600 words long.
  • Finish in one minute, and you're speed reading (600 wpm).
Not the usual methods of merely trying to see words faster.
Learn how to read faster - by comprehending faster

Praise for 100 One-Minute Speed Reading Drills"Original theories and techniques for reading improvements... a totally exclusive
method of presenting practice exercises"
Richard Sutz, Author of Speed Reading for Dummies

"It's amazing that so much could have been written since Evelyn Wood and no one
came up with the idea of 'speed comprehension.'"
Dr. James Young, Ph.D., Professor of English

The Power of Phrase-Reading
  • Struggling to keep your mind from wandering? Make reading more interesting.
  • Hard to remember what you read? Make reading more memorable.
  • Difficult to stay focused? Give your mind something easier to focus on.
  • Getting bored with reading? Offer your brain something more meaningful.
  • Muttering words in your head? Use an alternative to sounds of words.
  • Straining to maintain your concentration? Give your brain what it craves.
The Greatest Speed Reading Technique in the World
  • Stop feeling stuck with slow reading.
  • Stop reciting words and start comprehending meaning.
  • Stop feeling bored and frustrated with your reading.
  • Start making reading like watching a movie in your head.
Simple - Straight-Forward - EffectiveIt's common sense.It's effective.It's easy.It only takes a minute.Get your copy and start today
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ISBN: 9781071378342
ISBN-10: 1071378341
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 1st, 2016
Pages: 226
Language: English