My Cultural Birthrights and Other Black Gold: Special Edition (Paperback)

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My Cultural Birthrights and Other Black Gold: Special Edition By Haroon Rashid Cover Image


MY CULTURAL BIRTHRIGHTS AND OTHER BLACK GOLD is about two experiences: my elusive career and my rather interesting, personal life story. Over the years those who know me have told me repeatedly that I have had an exciting life and that I should tell my story. I hope that there is something in these words that can inspire someone to become better in their life journey, by reading my life examples of the good and bad experiences and knowing some of the facts that are seldom talked about in the hair, health and beauty industry, an industry that has made so many people wealthy and an industry that I have personally spent most of my life working in and enjoying. MY CULTURAL BIRTHRIGHTS AND OTHER BLACK GOLD also tells the story of

my blessed life that has taken me to so many places, met many incredible people like First Lady Michelle Obama, President Nelson Mandela or Muhammad Ali, and allowed me to experience so many things that most people have not seen or would know very little about in a lifetime. It has been an incredible ride. And I thank God for allowing me to take this journey and share my feelings of love and pride for my family, loved ones, and friends.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781088023884
ISBN-10: 1088023886
Publisher: Pointe Image Book Publishing
Publication Date: March 8th, 2022
Pages: 350
Language: English