Illuminati Exposed: Scizophrenia (Large Print / Paperback)

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Illuminati Exposed: Scizophrenia By Suzanne Barron Cover Image


Researchers to The Illuminati believe THEY are linked to the Bible in some way. They have been looking for the link and now the answers are finally being revealed. THEY are not human. THEY are Spirits. Whether of God or Satan. Both teams are fighting a war.

You have people who are diagnosed as Schizophrenic, who claim they "hear" "voices". These "voices" cause a mass amount of havoc on the "victims" life. Sometimes THEY convince the "victim" that the Police or the Government are the ones placing harm on the "victims" life. That would be against God. Because in Romans we are told that God set the position of Authority. Romans 13:1-7.

The "victim" searches for help, cries out for help, commits crime, drugs to self-medicate. They end up depressed, lost, alone and scare. With no help. They finally give in and are forced to take Pharmaceuticals to quiet the "voices" down in order to attempt to get back to a normal life. Because nobody believes them. And they don't know what it is. But they don't feel like themselves, they are numb, slow, the meds only trade problems.

Not only that the Prescriptions are linked to the Money-making Plantation that researchers suspect The Illuminati to have control over. Not The Illuminati, The Egyptians do. Because The Illuminati is both sides of the spiritual world. Not human, Spirits. Are you a slave to Righteousness or a slave to Sin?

Now those who "hear" the "voices". You know you "hear" THEM. Society has taught you to keep quiet about it. Because you've probably learned the hard way. No one believes you. And you don't know what it is. You don't know what is "speaking" to you. You probably sought help through the Police, Government, and Church. As you are supposed to, but with society today not one-person believed you. They tell you if you have ever been on drug that drugs, are the cause.

But hold up? What about the millions who face this same situation, and they have never touched drugs? Well, for them, it's the Sin in their life, or the pain they have lived. They are told to stop focusing on the negative and look to God. Umm, hello, I'm pretty sure that going to a church for help, is looking to God. They don't make you feel welcome, do they? And you still didn't get the help you needed.

So, it's not because of the Sin in my life, not per say. It gets confusing. That has been the problem, we as humans are too fragile minded and the Egyptian King named Satan relies on that. What is Sin? What is pain? Legion, for THEY are many. Sin is a who not a what. He is a Spirit of Satan. The Man of Lawlessness, the Son of Destruction.

For those who "hear" the "voices". You know what you "hear". And you also know I am right. And you probably fell really relived. To have someone tell you, "I Suzanne Barron, believe you." Youve been lost with no hope, and no one can tell you what is happening to you. But I can Jesus Himself exposed Illuminati. And THEY put Him on a cross. He called Himself a King. Which a typical Schizophrenic symptom. Patients are known to claim Royalty. Jesus "spoke" to these "spirits". He held conversations with THEM. If Jesue was alive today, no one would believe Him and HE would be diagnosed as Schizophrenic.


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ISBN: 9781088061220
ISBN-10: 1088061222
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Illuminati Exposed
Publication Date: September 1st, 2022
Pages: 108
Language: English