A.I. Survival Guide: Artificial Intelligence Basics (Paperback)

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A.I. Survival Guide: Artificial Intelligence Basics By Cara Cusack, Martin Cusack Cover Image


"A.I. Survival Guide: Artificial Intelligence Basics" - a must-read on artificial intelligence. Unravel the world of AI through a comprehensive exploration of its rise, ethical dilemmas, societal impacts, and potential future scenarios.

Whether you're a seasoned professional, a budding entrepreneur, or a curious layman, this handbook takes you through the AI journey from its dawn to its transformative role across various sectors. Understand public perceptions of AI, grapple with consciousness and morality in AI, explore AI in personalized learning, and delve into the crucial issue of AI bias and discrimination.

Learn about the intersection of AI and key areas such as healthcare, mental health, scientific discovery, and the financial sector. Discover AI's implications for children, seniors, social media, politics, and the environment. Uncover AI's transformative potential in fields as diverse as agriculture, art and creativity, entertainment, space exploration, and quantum physics.

This guide does not shy away from the dark side of AI. It critically examines issues like privacy concerns, superintelligence and the control problem, autonomous weapons in warfare, and the ethics of AI replication. It discusses potential dystopian futures while balancing them with a hopeful vision of utopia. This book also discusses AI regulation and governance, proposing access to AI as a human right.

'A.I. Survival Guide' serves as an illuminating beacon in the vast, sometimes turbulent ocean of artificial intelligence. With AI set to reshape our world, this book offers the insights you need to stay informed, aware, and prepared.

If you're seeking a comprehensive, accessible, and insightful artificial intelligence basics book, "AI Survival Guide" stands as a paragon in artificial intelligence books, setting a high bar for discussion on AI and its impact on our lives and businesses. An essential addition to any modern library, this is your survival guide in the age of AI and machine learning.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781088207734
ISBN-10: 1088207731
Publisher: Cara Cusack Books
Publication Date: July 1st, 2023
Pages: 196
Language: English