Industrial Sales: A Roadmap to Increase Your Sales Globally (Paperback)

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Industrial Sales: A Roadmap to Increase Your Sales Globally By Bram Van Oirschot Cover Image


Discover how to sell better to giant industrial companies. Industrial Sales enforces your selling system. Within a few steps, you will create a more effective commercial process, which will bring more sales with the same effort. Industrial Sales will help boost your sales independent on what area of the world or the type of industrial sector. Everyone involved in oil, gas, petrochemical, renewables, marine, mining and chemical industries should read Industrial Sales In Industrial Sales, Brian, a hypothetical sales director, sells complex services to be used at industrial facilities. He wins business based on trust, despite facing complicated buyer teams. Brian is expanding his global track record and realizes more sales without putting additional effort into his job. His selling system sets him apart from peers.Bram van Oirschot traveled the world to sell technically complex services over the last two decades and came across the same challenges over and over again. The things that make industrial sales unique make the job of a salesperson fun but challenging. In Industrial Sales, he tells you all about selling to industrial clients. He shares the key actions to take in every industrial sales cycle and how to adjust your selling system to win better deals with the same effort.Industrial Sales follows the same path as all commercial processes: marketing, sales and account management. The main difference is the focus on establishing trust, which impacts the commercial process heavily. The first section of the book provides advice on the complex decision-making processes of industrial clients and the importance of CRM systems. The second section is packed with insight, practical advice and best practice for managing sales teams that operate in industrial segments. Motivated salespeople make the difference between good and great companies. Since technical people work at all levels of sales teams, the commercial side of lead generation and prospecting must be emphasized. You are not a lonely warrior There are more salespeople like you. Regular sales books do not cover the complex industrial environment in which you operate. Industrial Sales will show you that many others face your challenge. You will learn how to sell your services to companies like Shell, Exxon, Wood, CNOOC, Petrobras, Rio Tinto, Dow Chemical, Technip, more effectively. You will learn to stay in control of the commercial process, which is strongly influenced by engineers, project managers, and other technical people. Don't get lost in price discussions, or endless discussions on the extent of the scope of work, or in never-ending pre-qualification procedures. By adopting a solid industrial selling system, you will be equipped to make more revenue at the right clients. Even engineers can lead sales teams. Industrial sales is a team game. The set of skills and competencies to land complex contracts does not lie with one person. All team members will play their part in winning projects. The sales team must make an outstanding performance to keep winning business all over the world with (petro)chemical, oil and gas, renewables, mining, marine, and other large industrial clients. -Sales directors should read Industrial Sales to improve their management of industrial sales teams.-Sales and business development managers should read Industrial Sales to understand their role in the sales process.-(Key)Account Managers will get renewed inspiration from Industrial Sales.-Company management is advised to buy several copies of Industrial Sales to adopt an organization-wide commercial process, which can be monitored and rolled out over the world.
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ISBN: 9781088499665
ISBN-10: 108849966X
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 31st, 2019
Pages: 222
Language: English