Accelerated Learning: An Effective Practical Guide on How to Easily Learn Any Skill or Subject, Improve Your Memory, and Be More Productive (Paperback)

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Accelerated Learning: An Effective Practical Guide on How to Easily Learn Any Skill or Subject, Improve Your Memory, and Be More Productive By Alex C. Wolf Cover Image


Do you find learning hard? Do you struggle with poor memory, distractions, and interruptions, consumed by procrastination and wandering mind? Do you ever wish you could get really good at something quickly, smoothly and effortlessly?

If you answered YES to any of those questions then you need to read this book

The human brain is a powerful tool that we often underestimate. Whether you're looking to study more effectively and raise your GPA, learn something entirely new, improve your memory and mental capacity, learn more efficiently, or even teach more efficiently, this book is the first- and most crucial- step for you on your path to success.


- Interactive test to help you determine your learning style and maximize your learning capacity

- Tips for studying

- Tips for productivity

- How to improve your memory

- A list of brain foods and thing to avoid so that you're always performing at your best

- ...and much more

This text does more than teach you about the human brain (although it does that too); it also helps you understand how our memory works, which is a key component to accelerated learning.

You'll also learning what method of learning is best for you (either visual, auditory, or kinesthetic) so that you are able to learn (or teach) in a manner that allows you to absorb information in a format that is optimized specifically for your unique style of learning and thinking.

Accelerated learning is broken down into an easy-to-understand format, along with techniques and tips, as well as specific learning methods like speed reading, to help you achieve any goal. Memory, motivation, learning style- By understanding these things, you can learn to truly unlock and unleash the power of your mind.

Remember what they say: whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right

This book will teach you how to accelerate your life with tenacity If you're looking to level up in any area, this is the guide for you

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today

Product Details
ISBN: 9781393630388
ISBN-10: 1393630383
Publisher: Alex C. Wolf
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2021
Pages: 150
Language: English