E5 Leader: Success Tools to Maximize Your Potential & Develop Equilibrium, for Life (Paperback)

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E5 Leader: Success Tools to Maximize Your Potential & Develop Equilibrium, for Life By Paul Koopman, Mark Pierce Cover Image


E5Leader is the total package that makes known the secrets to living a life of total equilibrium resulting in success 100% of the time. Some concepts revealed in the book are 5 Pillars of Equilibrium, Vertical Alignment and the 10-10-10. Each concept in this book contains interactive exercises, templates and guides to get you started and offers coaching to keep you going. E5 Leader provides success tools to maximize your potential and develop equilibrium for life. The Publisher had this to say; "What a fantastic resource you have penned here. I must say that I am a firm believer in learning from other people's life experiences. In our society today we do need wisdom like yours to be passed on so that people begin to open their eyes to life. The way you share your stories and wisdoms and present your ideas and findings is great Your words come across with a certain experience that I cannot put into words. You have really considered your audience in your writing by adding details and adding a voice that is simply wonderful - very familiar and easy to follow. The idea of 10-10-10 is fantastic; easy enough to digest yet truly complex in how it can affect your life You have crafted an excellent piece here; one that should be well received by a wide audience. It really seems like you live and breathe what you write about. Bravo on a piece well crafted " Mark Pierce has worked with thousands of corporations and hundreds of CEOs and executives in corporate America and non-profits since 1983. By teaching others the principles of being an E5Leader, Mark mentors individuals to create and realize their own worthwhile dreams and goals. Mark believes that seeking mentorship is a sign of strength in a leader that requires discipline and humility. Among the E5Leader strategies for success, Mark teaches the application of the Three Powers of Universal Success: the power of the spoken word, the power of submission, and the power of unity. Mark's journey includes an amazi.

About the Author

Mark Pierce is an accomplished leadership mentor, coach and speaker. He is the founder of several companies including E5Leader.com. Since 1983, he has worked with thousands of corporations and non-profits and hundreds of CEOs and executives in the corporate world. Mark's business endeavors began in manufacturing. Later, he developed sales companies and then, realizing his gift, he combined his experience and skills to become a business developer, mentor and executive coach. Married in 1979 to his childhood sweetheart, they have four children. Along his life's journey, Mark converted to Catholicism. Since then his faith has become a focal point in his life. Mark's personal interests include golfing, fishing, boating and serving marriage ministries and charitable causes. Mark's mission in life is to help others live a life of significance Paul J. Koopman is a recognized youth leadership coach and speaker and has been Mark's student and business partner since 2008. He is the president of YouCan Inc., which develops and trains youth to build their character, discover their potential, and believe in their worth in order to succeed in life, and he is co-founder of E5Leader.com LLC. He is also certified as a John Maxwell Coach. Paul has been married for seven years and has four children. His personal interests include enriching other's lives through leadership and personal development, travel and the outdoors, personal enrichment through reading, golf, and family time.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781432789145
ISBN-10: 1432789147
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: April 19th, 2013
Pages: 212
Language: English