Seven Wives and Seven Prisons (Paperback)

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Seven Wives and Seven Prisons By L. A. Abbott Cover Image


Seven Wives and Seven Prisons; Or, Experiences in the Life of a Matrimonial Monomaniac has one of the most interesting openings I have read in a long time. "SOME one has said that if any man would faithfully write his autobiography, giving truly his own history and experiences, the ills and joys, the haps and mishaps that had fallen to his lot, he could not fail to make an interesting story; and Disraeli makes Sidonia say that there is romance in every life. How much romance, as well as sad reality, there is in the life of a man who, among other experiences, has married seven wives, and has been seven times in prison-solely on account of the seven wives, may be learned from the pages that follow." Then I got really interested after reading the Table of Contents. CHAPTER I. THE FIRST AND WORST WIFE My Early History, CHAPTER II.MISERIES FROM MY SECOND MARRIAGE, CHAPTER III. THE SCHEIMER SENSATION, CHAPTER IV. SUCCESS WITH SARAH, CHAPTER V.HOW THE SCHEIMERS MADE ME SUFFER, CHAPTER VI. FREE LIFE AND FISHING, CHAPTER VII.WEDDING A WIDOW AND THE CONSEQUENCES, CHAPTER VIII.ON THE KEEN SCENT, CHAPTER IX. MARRYING TWO MILLINER, CHAPTER X.PRISON LIFE IN VERMONT, CHAPTER XI.ON THE TRAMP, CHAPTER XII.ATTEMPT TO KIDNAP SARAH SCHEIMER'S BOY, CHAPTER XIII.ANOTHER WIDOW, CHAPTER XIV. MY SON TRIES TO MURDER ME, and CHAPTER XV.A TRUE WIFE AND HOME AT LAST.
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ISBN: 9781438573946
ISBN-10: 1438573944
Publisher: Book Jungle
Publication Date: March 9th, 2010
Pages: 112
Language: English