The Secrets to Hitting More Jackpots: Get the Winning Edge (Paperback)

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The Secrets to Hitting More Jackpots: Get the Winning Edge By Theslotguru Cover Image


HOW DO I HONESTLY FEEL ABOUT MY JOB AS A PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER? I love it, it's exhilarating for me. Yes, I have bad days but the good ones far out weigh the bad ones... it's all about my mindset and how I am in my world, life is not just the casino I don't go every night... when the time is right, I'm off to work I love being a gamer As I walk in I never know how the night will end. I never know how much I may win. The thrill of the unknown is awesome, You have to love it or hate it? And if you want good Karma, you do not hate anything, right? Trust me.

About the Author

So I decided to write a real book! From a real person! For real people who want to win real money! Also make a note that if anyone tells you that you're going to be successful at the casino all the time... he/she is a liar! Be prepared to lose and win! That's where the fun is just win all the time make me nervous...I have to lose a little, to appreciate my winnings... And if you're really good you will leave while you're ahead. But that's rare, most of the time when we are winning we tend to hang around trying to win more...when in most times, there is no more to win that night! But that's the gamble my friends...
Product Details
ISBN: 9781462855605
ISBN-10: 1462855601
Publisher: Xlibris Us
Publication Date: September 10th, 2009
Pages: 50
Language: English