Splitting: The inside story on headaches (Hardcover)

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Splitting: The inside story on headaches By Amanda Ellison Cover Image


A leading neurologist lifts the lid on head pain--a fascinating, accessible guide to headaches, with some practical advice along the way.

Packed with practical advice and information from a neurologist--from what causes migraines to how sinus pain happens to whether we should just reach for the painkillers and ignore the root causes-- this is Why We Sleep for the head.

There is nothing novel about headache. Since time immemorial, humans have suffered in its grip. Medieval Persia was a hotbed of intense debate over how to avoid and subsequently cure headache, and castor oil seemed to be prevalent as a remedy. Thankfully we have moved on. Darwin became a recluse because of his headaches, but on the bright side, this gave him more time to stay at home and think about the origin of the species. I doubt any modern human sees their headache as being a blessing, but it is trying to tell you something. How do we find out what that is? What is the point of pain?

About the Author

Professor Amanda Ellison is a physiologist and neuroscientist at Durham University. Her wide-ranging research has thrown new light on addiction, pain, and headache in particular, and her work on how different parts of the brain talk to each other has led to new ways to regain functions lost following brain damage. She is the director of an outreach programme targeting schools, patient groups, and the wider public, and is passionate about improving lives through the sharing of scientific and wider academic knowledge. Professor Ellison has commented on various issues in the media most notably the phenomenon of man flu, and whether beer goggles really exist. @ellison_brain

Praise For…

“From ice cream headaches to migraine, this fascinating and entertaining account of a common curse draws together modern science, ancient views and personal experience.” —Professor Roy Taylor, author of Life Without Diabetes

“Most of us have experienced a headache at some point in our lives. Neuroscientist Amanda Ellison has the lowdown on why we get them and busts some commonly believed myths about their triggers” —Daily Mirror

“An insightful, entertaining book.” —Daily Mail

“I have suffered from migraine for many years now, and have never before read such a clear explanation of what is happening to me during a migraine attack.” —The i

“An insightful look at all manner of head pain” —Spirituality and Health

Product Details
ISBN: 9781472971418
ISBN-10: 1472971418
Publisher: Green Tree
Publication Date: August 11th, 2020
Pages: 240
Language: English