Fraction Questions Answered (Paperback)

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Fraction Questions Answered By Douglas N. Shillady Cover Image


Have you ever wondered why a common denominator is needed to add fractions, but not to multiply them? Were you ever curious as to why we "flip and multiply" fractions in order to divide by them? Or perhaps you know how to work with fractions, but don't quite understand the concepts behind them?

Well, the book "Fraction Questions Answered" is the solution

"Fraction Questions Answered" explains what you need to understand about fractions all in one, easy-to-use resource. No longer do you have to search through chapter after chapter in school textbooks to get answers to all of your fraction questions -they're all right here

Inside, it shows and explains:
  • Basic fraction terminology
  • How fractions are written
  • What fractions can represent
  • Why fractions are useful
  • How to add and subtract fractions, and why common denominators are required
  • How to multiply fractions
  • How and why equivalent fractions work
  • How to reduce fractions
  • How to enlarge fractions
  • How to convert mixed numerals to improper fractions
  • How to convert improper fractions to mixed numerals
  • How to divide by fractions, and why we "flip and multiply"
  • How fractions are related to percentages

"Fraction Questions Answered" uses a friendly and conversational teaching style, making it easy to read and to remember what's inside. This put together with its many examples and diagrams results in a natural and smooth learning process.

And not only is it helpful to students, "Fraction Questions Answered" can also assist teachers and tutors get ready for the questions students will inevitably ask when learning about fractions.

Whether used as a primary resource or as a handy reference, "Fraction Questions Answered" will help you to better understand fractions and achieve your educational goals.

Got questions about fractions? Get this book, and get answers

Product Details
ISBN: 9781481080361
ISBN-10: 1481080369
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 12th, 2012
Pages: 80
Language: English