Fatimeh Al-Zahra (Sa) (Paperback)

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Fatimeh Al-Zahra (Sa) By Sayyid Hussein Alamdar (Translator), Sayyid Munthir Hakim Cover Image


By God They raised objection against the cutting swords of Ali, his being indifference with respect to the death in the battlefield, his power of the combat in the warfare, and the scattering strokes. By God If people have joined with each other and would have given the caliphate to some one about whom the Holy Prophet (SAW) has recommended, any time if the people had deviated from the path of the truth, he would guided them towards the righteous path with out any pain and disturbance that neither the mount had become incapacitated nor its rider would have tired and sad. Ultimately he would have lead them to the pure and pleasant fountainhead of water, the canal that on both sides was saturated with the waterthat had never been polluted. And then after the complete quenching of their thirst had returned them, and as a result they would have found him their well-wisher in hidden and apparent.

Ali] would never had taken any benefit from the world and from it there had not been any advantage except the quenching of the thirsty and feedings of the hungry ones. And here the world-worshipper from the ascetic one, righteous one from the liar had been explicit for all of them. And in accordance of what God's has said in the Holy Qur'an: 'If the people of towns would have accepted faith and were pious, We would have opened the gates of heaven's blessing upon them, but since they denied We punished them for their evil deeds.' And: 'Those who indulges in the tyranny and oppression their deeds would caught their skirt, and they would never be able to escape from the divine punishment.'

The second Sermon of Fatimeh al-Zahra (SA), p-155.

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Publication Date: July 28th, 2014
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