Esfir Shub: Pioneer of Documentary Filmmaking (Hardcover)

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Esfir Shub: Pioneer of Documentary Filmmaking By Ilana Shub Sharp Cover Image
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Esfir Shub was the only prominent female director of nonfiction film present at the dawning of the Soviet film industry. She was, in fact, the first woman both to write critical texts on cinema and then practically apply these theorisations in her own films. As such, her syncretism of cinema theory and praxis inspired her to ask questions regarding both the nature of nonfiction film, such as the problem of authenticity and reality, and the function of the artist in society; issues which are still relevant in contemporary discussions about the documentary.

Accordingly, this book demonstrates Shub's position not only as a significant filmmaker and recognised member of the early Soviet avant-garde but also as a key figure in global cinema history. Shub deserves recognition both as the founder and ardent promoter of the compilation film genre and as a pioneer of the theory and practice of documentary filmmaking.

About the Author

Ilana Shub Sharp is an independent scholar living in Australia with a background in film and fine arts. She was awarded a PhD from the Faculty of Media, Society and Culture at Curtin University, Western Australia.
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ISBN: 9781501376511
ISBN-10: 1501376519
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication Date: January 27th, 2022
Pages: 344
Language: English