Bush Killing Reagan: The Bush-Hinckley Conspiracy Bill O'Reilly Won't Tell About (Paperback)

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Bush Killing Reagan: The Bush-Hinckley Conspiracy Bill O'Reilly Won't Tell About Cover Image


George Bush Sr. had the most to gain from President Reagan's death. To hide or conceal his involvement in the assassination attempt George Bush would have to either suppress or lie about his close ties with the shooter and the second gunman hiding on the roof (or "Bushy Knoll"). The story of BUSH KILLING REAGAN is so depraved that it is no wonder the story has never been told before.

FIND OUT - Why NBC reported a second gunman
FIND OUT - Why Reagan was shot by order of his own Vice-President
FIND OUT - Was George Bush Sr. Friends with Reagan's would-be assassin?
FIND OUT - Why Hinckley's gun didn't match the bullet
FIND OUT - Was Hinckley a victim of CIA mind control?
FIND OUT - How Reagan's Presidency changed AFTER the shooting
FIND OUT - How the Trilateral Commission finally infiltrated Reagan's Cabinet What else weren't we told in this sick and twisted tale of BUSH KILLING REAGAN?

PLEASE NOTE This is NOT directly related to Bill O'Reilly's latest book Killing Reagan - this is the real story he isn't telling you
ALSO NOTE If you have already bought "Bush Killing Reagan: A Violent Assault to Gain the Presidency" then YOU DON'T NEED to get this book since this is the same book repackaged since Amazon suppressed our other title stating it was too similar to Killing Reagan and "confused" some buyers.
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ISBN: 9781519681935
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Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 4th, 2015
Pages: 72
Language: English