There's a Monster in My House: A book about children's human rights (Paperback)

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There's a Monster in My House: A book about children's human rights Cover Image
By D. E-Collen, D. Coddington (Illustrator)


As children, we all believe in monsters, but when we grow up, we tell ourselves they were never real, and that we only imagined them. But there are true monsters in the world. Disguising themselves as ordinary people, they take out their anger and frustration on children to make themselves feel strong and powerful.

So how can we tell the difference between actual people and the monsters?

This book tells a story of one family that welcomes someone into their home, thinking they are good and kind. The monster quickly gives itself away though, with its strange behaviour, which makes the child feel very uncomfortable.

Not respecting someone's personal space or privacy, encouraging children to keep secrets from others ... there are lots of warning signs to look out for, and this story describes them, teaching children exactly what to do if they find a monster in their house, or anywhere else, or even suspect that someone they have come into contact with might be one. And it reminds parents, teachers, and anyone one else who cares about protecting children to always listen, believe, and do whatever they can to help.

Note to parents and guardians: Though very important, this book contains subject matter that young children might find disturbing or frightening. Please exercise caution and sensitivity when introducing to younger children.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781525537684
ISBN-10: 1525537687
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication Date: April 22nd, 2019
Pages: 20
Language: English