The Sunni and The Shi'A: History, Doctrines and Discrepancies (Paperback)

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The Sunni and The Shi'A: History, Doctrines and Discrepancies Cover Image


"The Muslim people must become acquainted with the fundamental ordinances of Islam. Ignorance exists on both sides, among the Sunnis and Shi'is alike, and it is as a result of this ignorance that clashes and enmity have arisen" (Imām Khomeini).

It is amazing to note that the majority of Muslims are ignorant of why they are either Sunnis or Shī'a. The issues between these two factions are definitely affecting the world peace today; so much that Muslims and nonMuslims know both factions as staunch antagonists, seriously waging unnecessary wars against each other.

Who are the Sunnis? Who are the Shī'a? Why are the followers of the same Prophet turning to staunch antagonists? What is the origin of both factions and their enmity? What have they got in common, and what are their discrepancies? Find out these and many more as you read through the whole book.

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ISBN: 9781532009709
ISBN-10: 1532009704
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: October 29th, 2016
Pages: 172
Language: English