The Language Theater: A fun, fully-illustrated Grammar Book (Hardcover)

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The Language Theater: A fun, fully-illustrated Grammar Book By Maria Beatty, Bill Skrief (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Maria Beatty, Bill Skrief (Illustrator)


The Language Theater - a fun, fully-illustrated Grammar Book © 2019
Written by Maria Beatty and Illustrated by Bill Skrief.

"Language is a theater. The words are the actors." Denis Diderot.

In this exciting "Language Play", Master of Ceremonies, Theo the Grammarian, introduces each of the "Parts-of-Speech-Actors"!
One-by-one these actors take the stage to perform their grammatical roles & show & tell us how they all interact using engaging graphics.
All illustrations are clear, simple, fun, joyful and specific. (There is nothing like it on the market.)
Ending chapter exercises reinforce each actor's role and often include a drawing activity.

Educators of potential English-speakers/writers have long needed an exciting alternative to conquer the "learning grammar is boring" misnomer. On grammar's importance, we all can agree with author William B. Bradford: "Grammar, regardless of the country or the language, is the foundation for communication — the better the grammar, the clearer the message." Yet, only recently have so many recognized the unacceptable deterioration of English Grammar levels in schools.
THE LANGUAGE THEATER, as it fills the need for:
STUDENTS & TEACHERS - a textbook that acts out what each part of speech does in a fun way.
PARENTS - an easy to understand reference book to answer their children's grammar questions.
ESL (ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE) STUDENTS - an active, character-driven textbook that visually leads to the core of the language.
BUSINESSES - spending heavily in this arena, need an easy to understand reference textbook.
SUMMARY - Children love learning with pictures and THE LANGUAGE THEATER is specifically designed to engage that love.

About the Author

The daughter of a teacher, Maria Beatty was born & educated in Greece. She attended the Arsakeion High School for Girls which specializes in Classical Education. She attended Athens University which excels in teacher training, completing a B.A. degree in Classics & a degree in French Language with additional studies in Byzantine Art & Greek Folk Architecture. After moving to New York, Mrs. Beatty earned Master's Degree in French Language & Civilization from New York University.

Mrs. Beatty has taught Latin, Greek, Greek Mythology, Homer & Etymology for 15 years in New York City Throughout her life, she has taught and studied Greek, Ancient Greek, French, Latin and dabbled in Sanskrit.

Special areas of interest are etymology, philosophy & writing. In addition to THE LANGUAGE THEATER, Maria has written children's books, stories & plays, some adapted from Greek Mythology.
Bill Skrief, Illustrator & Entrepreneur, is the co-founder and partner of the award-winning boutique design firm, Deadlizard, in the New York Metropolitan area. A lifelong artist, he graduated from the Illustration program at Syracuse University in 1994 and immediately hit the ground running working at a small multimedia agency in Silicon Alley. In 1999 he started a software & design firm, Iguana Interactive, ultimately evolving it into the DeadLizard of today.

He's always been thankful that he's never had to work a day in his life, doing exactly what he loves. He has set up deep roots in New Jersey with his wife and three children.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781543983142
ISBN-10: 1543983146
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: October 10th, 2019
Pages: 178
Language: English