The Art of Living Long (Large Print / Paperback)


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Luigi Cornaro was a famous public figure in Venice during the Renaissance, famous for living until almost one hundred years old.
Revered and celebrated for his longevity, Cornaro was encouraged to author a book by fellow noblemen, so that others may learn the secret to a long and healthy life. As his old age continued, Cornaro would offer speeches on the subject and release a total of four discourses, all of which are contained in this book:
The First Discourse begins with Cornaro detailing how in previous years he had been infirm. By practicing modesty and temperance in food and drink, he was able to return to a healthy condition. He also mentions undertaking certain good habits such as hill climbing, and having a home properly insulated from winter's bitter cold.
In the Second Discourse, Cornaro is eighty-six. Here he divulges further insights. Realizing the great popularity of his first work on the subject, Cornero notes that those who were born infirm or weak may also benefit from his advice on temperance in eating and drinking.
The Third Discourse, written when Cornaro was ninety-one, was adapted from a letter he had written to the Reverend Daniel Barbero in which he contemplates his advice on life further.
The Fourth Discourse, which Cornaro also penned at ninety-one years of age, rounds off his earlier advice by encouraging all of mankind to follow in his example, so that they may achieve an advanced age.
Viewed from the modern day, The Art of Living Long is perhaps the first ever example of a calorie restrictive diet recommended and detailed in writing. Many of Cornaro's principles are timeless good advice for health and vitality, which keeps this book relevant and useful.
This edition is in large print, so that readers of all ages may easily absorb and comprehend Cornaro's insights on diet, temperament and virtue.
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