Florida's Seashells: A Beachcomber's Guide (Paperback)

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Florida's Seashells: A Beachcomber's Guide Cover Image


Florida's Seashells, the bestselling guide for beachcombers, is now updated and expanded in a new edition. This new volume has more shells identified and explained, with 287 species represented by over 400 full-color images and 175 range maps.

This book showcases the diversity of Florida's seashells and presents them in the way they come to us on beaches. Knowing the names, stories, and varied appearances of seashells can sharpen a beachcomber's eyes to their beauty and rarity, and offer collectors an outlet for the appreciation of nature's splendor. The book's elegant organization allows easy identification of seashells common to the southeastern United States and the Caribbean.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781561649822
ISBN-10: 1561649821
Publisher: Pineapple Press
Publication Date: May 1st, 2017
Pages: 96
Language: English