Improv Ideas 2: A New Book of Games and Lists for the Classroom and Beyond (Paperback)

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Improv Ideas 2: A New Book of Games and Lists for the Classroom and Beyond By Justine Jones, Mary Ann Kelley Cover Image


You've loved their first two best-selling books on improv for the classroom, so these two fabulously creative and entertaining devotees to theatre have done it again All the best from those two top-selling books is still here, yet this book is organized into three sections to help you even more: warm-ups, characterization, and narrative/plot. Each chapter contains an easy-to-read chart of all the activities that indicates how much preparation time is needed, what skills the game enhances, the difficulty, the length of the exercises, and more to help you plan your lessons at a glance. The side margins of each game include all the information from above and how many students are needed for each activity, the equipment required, the time it takes to set up the game, and how long the students will need to prepare. Each game is introduced with simply-worded directions and examples, and is followed by hints for evaluation and critique. Finally, the appendix includes multiple charts that align the games with the National Standards for Theatre Education. This book is an invaluable resource for inspiring your drama class

Product Details
ISBN: 9781566081955
ISBN-10: 1566081955
Publisher: Meriwether Publishing
Publication Date: September 1st, 2013
Pages: 167
Language: English