Beyond Leviathan: Critique of the State (Paperback)

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Beyond Leviathan: Critique of the State By István Mészáros, John Bellamy Foster (Editor) Cover Image


A field-defining masterwork, this posthumous publication maps the evolution of the idea of the state from ancient Greece to today

Istv n M sz ros was one of the greatest political theorists of the twentieth century. Left unfinished at the time of his death, Beyond Leviathan is written on the magisterial scale of his previous book, Beyond Capital, and meant to complement that work. It focuses on the transcendence of the state, along with the transcendence of capital and alienated labor, while traversing the history of political theory from Plato to the present. Aristotle, More, Machiavelli, and Vico are only a few of the thinkers discussed in depth. The larger objective of this work is no less than to develop a full-edged critique of the state, in the Marxian tradition, and set against the critique of capital. Not only does it provide, for the first time, an all-embracing Marxian theory of the state, it gives new political meaning to the notion of "the withering away of the state." In his definitive, seminal work, M sz ros seeks to illuminate the political preconditions for a society of substantive equality and substantive democracy.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781583679494
ISBN-10: 1583679499
Publisher: Monthly Review Press
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2022
Pages: 512
Language: English