Herself When She's Missing: A Novel (Paperback)

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Herself When She's Missing: A Novel By Sarah Terez Rosenblum Cover Image


Cry Wolf saved Andrea's life, or that's how she likes to tell it. Forever in search of spiritual fulfillment, Andrea has rejected everything from religion to eating disorders, in favor of "I'm-with-the-band" style fanaticism, all centered on Cry Wolf, a brother-sister folk/rock duo with an eccentric hodgepodge of followers. When Andrea meets fellow groupie Jordan outside a concert, their connection is undeniable: Jordan is powerfully seductive, and Andrea is intrigued by Jordan’s lawless ways. Their romance escalates as they follow Cry Wolf around the country, but as Jordan becomes increasingly manipulative and unreliable, Andrea begins to realize that her passion for Jordan has turned into yet another addiction. The first time Jordan leaves her, Andrea flees Los Angeles for Chicago, almost relieved, and almost ready to start fresh. But when Jordan arrives unannounced on Andrea’s doorstep, Andrea can’t help it; she’s thrilled.

Meet Andrea: tightly wound, mid-20s, teacher, hotter than she gives herself credit for, less clever than she believes.

Meet Jordan: LA-skinny, ocean eyes, early-40s, perpetual undergraduate student, a liar who believes her own lies.

Post-modern in form (lists, 3x5 cards, even the occasional screenplay), but classical in theme: a tale of a girl desperate for something like, but not quite love.

About the Author

Sarah Terez Rosenblum’s debut novel, Herself When She's Missing, was called “poetic and heartrending" by Booklist. She has written for publications and sites including Salon, The Chicago Sun Times, XOJane, afterellen.com, Curve Magazine, and Pop Matters. Her fiction and creative nonfiction has appeared in literary magazines such as The Satirist, Third Coast, and Brevity. She was shortlisted for Zoetrope All Story’s 2016 Short Fiction Contest, receiving an honorable mention. She has been nominated for a Pushcart, and was runner up for Prairie Schooner's 2019 Creative Nonfiction Contest. Her work can be found in Prairie Schooner's Summer 2020 issue. In 2014, she founded the Truth or Lie Live Lit Series. Sarah is a creative coach and teaches Creative Writing at Story Studio, and The University of Chicago Writer's Studio.

Praise For…

"Poetic, heartrending, and sometimes even funny, Rosenblum’s first novel is an exceptional, unique portrait of love, obsession, and codependence. —Booklist

"Sarah Terez Rosenblum’s powerful novel is gentle and elegant. Her characters exhibit their wanton souls in a poetic way that never feels poetic, for they are as real-life as they are still-life; they are breathing on the page, even." —Victor DeLorenzo, founding member of Violent Femmes

Herself When She’s Missing explores the irrationality of sex with uncommon wit and fearlessness. I can never resist the story of a bad romance and this one grabbed me by the collar and dragged me through a love-sick mind's tilted, temporally disordered terrain. Don't forget to drink a glass of water and eat a protein bar before reading. This book might leave you faint.” —Sara Levine, author of Treasure Island!!!

"Full of surprises, ingenious linguistic and typographical twists, but--far more important--the authentic feel of a young woman discovering herself and what she needs (and doesn’t need) in her life. This is a thoroughly delightful debut, full of energy and wit." —Rosellen Brown

“Sarah Terez Rosenblum's Herself When She's Missing marks the emergence of a riveting and beautifully strange new voice in American fiction. And Andrea and The Criminal Mastermind are unforgettable characters. I especially love Andrea because she jogs in cemeteries. The book made me feel more alive, I can't ask for much more from any novel.” —Peter Orner, author of Love and Shame and Love

"Herself When She's Missing collects and catalogues our only chances against everything rising like dark water to fill dining rooms and float away dishware. Andrea, quick-smart and nimble, not gifted with farfetched impossible qualities like courage or willpower, counts off both what is and isn't required to make it to tomorrow. Put her on all your lists and avoid the wrong side of hers." —Janet Desaulniers, author of What You've Been Missing
Product Details
ISBN: 9781593764371
ISBN-10: 1593764375
Publisher: Soft Skull
Publication Date: June 5th, 2012
Pages: 272
Language: English