My New Normal (Paperback)

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My New Normal By Deborah Newhouse Cover Image


ON THAT DAY in February...that day that changed my living and my life...hell's minions had moved in around me like a 'black ops' team on a critical mission of destruction. The enemy had sat patiently within the strongholds I had helped build, planning this siege and launching his assault to destroy me. Those old taunts from the enemy punctuated my thoughts, old wounds fueled the fight. I was on a downward spiral into my own 'slough of despond' - accelerating fast towards self-destruction. It was a silly thing, really, that thing that made the facade of my unhealed, unyielded life crack and shatter to the ground around my feet. I can see all too clearly now in hindsight how often and how willingly I had worked with my enemy to take me down. I was persuaded by my false self that I was hiding well what I knew I was - fearful and needy. That day so many old hurts and pains were bumped. Angry tears rushed to the surface as suddenly as if they had just happened. I had cooperated with the dark domain and gone to a destructive place by succumbing to the lies I had been hearing from my enemy for years. By the simple act of forgetting a sandwich the scab of insignificance was torn off and my wounds fully exposed. I had cried out for deliverance from my past with a puny voice of supplication many times before, but this time when I cried for help a gentle guiding soul led me to a place of yielding, a place I had never traveled, a place where I could be SURPRISED BY GOD.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781609576103
ISBN-10: 1609576101
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: August 30th, 2010
Pages: 172
Language: English