Painted Rooms (Paperback)

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Painted Rooms By Philip A. Kledzik Cover Image


Peter's a twenty-something, good-looking guy with a lot going for him. His professional life is developing nicely, and he's found a church he happily attends every week. Peter's spiritual life is good. There's only one thing missing, the woman. Rachelle is a petite, gorgeous brunette in her 20s. Although she's had several relationships, they've never seemed to last. The men in her past needed either a mother or a savior, she was neither. Rachelle decides, once and for all, she's not settling for second best again. A devout Christian, despite her past with bad boys, she's ready to accept a man that's in tune with her and her faith. New Year's Eve rolls around. Peter and Rachelle show up at the same church singles' gala. She's just been dumped. Peter, while interested in her, is looking for anything in a skirt. They find a brief camaraderie that vanishes with the New Year. Two years later, Rachelle and Peter meet again. Peter is still interested but Rachelle is cool and distant. They soon find there's a fine line between love and hate and they're about to cross it. Will they part or have they found a soul mate for life? ABOUT THE AUTHOR-Philip A. Kledzik is the author of An Issue of the Heart. He has a M.A. in History and teaches college. He has many years experience as a youth and singles ministry leader. He is currently writing his third novel and lives in Illinois with his wife and their three children. Publisher's website: http: //
Product Details
ISBN: 9781618973405
ISBN-10: 1618973401
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2012
Pages: 218
Language: English