Acronyms Galore: A History of Topics with Timely Information and Funny Stories (Paperback)

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Acronyms Galore: A History of Topics with Timely Information and Funny Stories By Anthony Paul Gipson Apg Cover Image


Author APG (Anthony Paul Gipson) loves acronyms. His book Acronyms Galore: The ABCs - A History of Topics with Timely Information and Funny Stories considers many aspects of life, spanning sports to TV shows, modern culture to health.

The subjects are varied and timely, and project hilarious moments. Stories include:

  • Assets, WA (Wealth Accumulation)
  • Sports, QFB (Questionable Fan Behavior)
  • Housing, GBC (Ghost Buster Closet )
"Throughout this book, I discuss many acronyms regarding the area of health. Some include TBB (The Big B: Blessed), LTYB (Listening To Your Body), and TWC (The Wellness Community). When reading about these acronyms, a reader will learn more about the emotional, physical, and personal challenges I experienced regarding my health." The author states he has "used acronyms a great part of my life." He continues, "The purpose of this book is to have readers think, laugh, and take control of their lives." "I want anyone who has experienced a medical setback, like me, to feel reassured that no matter what the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, we must continue to have the hope, the strength, and the desire to continue to live and enjoy life. Do not let mental or, even more so, physical scars from a surgery and/or treatment continue to make you feel ashamed, alone, and unworthy to live your life. You must decide with whom you want to share your personal triumphs."

(About the Author)

Anthony Paul Gipson APG is a professional writer who grew up in Los Angeles and now resides in the Long Beach area. This is his first book. His next, TNN: The New Normal, focusses on lifestyle changes in health, finances and housing.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781625165695
ISBN-10: 1625165692
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication Date: November 9th, 2022
Pages: 168
Language: English