Prince of Drones: The Reginald Denny Story (Paperback)

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Prince of Drones: The Reginald Denny Story Cover Image


"Prince of Drones is the remarkable story of Reginald Denny, a forgotten luminary in Hollywood and aviation history. Kim Pucci's frank and compelling text, along with a trove of behind-the-scenes photographs, shines a light on Denny and brings him to life as an actor, family man, World War I fighter pilot, RC airplane hobbyist, and innovative visionary for military unmanned aircraft. It is the last category that will surprise most people. The tale of his trials and perseverance during the development of his early target drone aircraft, along with the formation of the Radioplane Company and his eventual ouster, is as dramatic as any Hollywood movie. Hollywood and aviation helped build Southern California into the dynamic region it is today. In Prince of Drones they are intimately entwined in the saga of Reginald Denny."
- Tony Chong, Bestselling Author and
Sector Historian, Northrop Grumman
Corporation, Aerospace Systems

"A story of stardom and early airplanes that spins like a propeller and reads like a captivating motion picture "
- Pen Densham, Bestselling Author, Oscar Nominated Filmmaker,
Motion Picture and Television Producer, Director, and Writer

"Kim Pucci has richly captured the essence of Old Hollywood through the life of iconic film legend, Reginald Denny. Not only did Denny star in over 200 films (silent and talkies), he was also a hit on Broadway and television. How he found the time and energy to also invent the drone is beyond comprehension, but his legacy lives on today because of it. A great read--I can't recommend it highly enough Bravo, Kim "
- Robin Hutton, New York Times Bestselling Author and Filmmaker

"Reginald Denny represents the early history of our American film industry and its connection to aviation. In Prince of Drones, Kim gallantly brings her grandfather's legendary legacy to life in this historically factual and magnificent account of the "Hollywood Drone-maker."
- Marc Wanamaker, Bestselling Historical Author,
Award Winning Noted Hollywood and Film Historian

Product Details
ISBN: 9781629334882
ISBN-10: 162933488X
Publisher: BearManor Media
Publication Date: October 1st, 2019
Pages: 410
Language: English