Angel Unaware (Paperback)

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Angel Unaware By Christa Kinde Cover Image


Marcus had never been a typical cherub. Raised on earth instead of in enclaves, he blended right in with humanity. The perfect Graft. But what Marcus wanted more than anything else was to become a warrior. So he asked for a mentor. Marcus gets his armor fittings and swordsmanship lessons. But he also ends up with a couple of well-meaning foster parents, three needy siblings, a lonesome landlord, and a new best friend.

A Threshold Series companion story. Includes the exclusive epilogue, "Truest Friend."


The Caretaker offered his hand in human fashion. "I'm Aleff. Thank you for taking time away from your Flight to audition."

Jedrick's gingerly clasped the other angel's hand, which was dainty by comparison. "Let your thanks go to God, who guided me here."

"So " Aleff's grip tightened. "Why you?"

"Who can say?"

"Don't be coy. Impress me with your qualifications." The Caretaker squeezed harder. "Have you ever been a mentor before?"

"I taught in the enclaves, but no. I have had no apprentice of my own."

"And you're a Flight captain. Lots of names under your hand. Do you really think you can give a special needs cherub the attention he requires?"

Product Details
ISBN: 9781631230578
ISBN-10: 1631230573
Publisher: Yahavim
Publication Date: June 20th, 2017
Pages: 308
Language: English