Emotional Intelligence for Everyday Children: A Social-Emotional Guide for Educators and Parents (Paperback)


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Being an educator is a challenge, to say the least. Being an educator in urban America is even more challenging when you consider issues such as poverty, family dysfunction and violence. All of those things point to the need for socio/emotional needs to be addressed. It is difficult for young people to focus, remain on task, have healthy relationships, and thrive academically without intervention and education in those areas. Dr. Dorsey has spent a considerable amount of time learning and practicing how to appropriately address these challenges that too many times have been ignored and overlooked. Documenting her solutions and making the tools available for other educators is timely.

I have been working with youth and families for over thirty years and view her as one of the most competent, caring, committed individuals in the field. I highly recommend this resource.
Douglass Petty, Ph.D.

Excellent resource for all educators identifies practical strategies and solutions for teachers to change their instructional climate while having the confidence to reach their full potential. A must-read for all individuals who work in a school setting. Adults must QTIP-Quit Taking it Personal. Dr. Denizela' Dorsey's book is a complete game changer
Grayling Tobias
Retired Superintendent of Hazelwood School District-North Saint Louis

My lens is one of an administrator and teacher. In my experiences, twenty-eight years, I have used resource books, read peer reviewed articles. This body of knowledge is valid and will be greatly beneficial to its readers, no matter the role in education or as a provider of service to children.
Stacie Wadlington
Principal and Educator
Saint Louis

Understanding children and young people are essential and critical Every day young people grow and learn in communities where trauma, whether mild or extreme, is a daily way of life. Children and Young People are our Legacies for the future and their Mental Health Matters.

Emotional Intelligence for Every Day Children is a Resource Guide for parents and educators packed with relevant result-oriented material that fosters and builds effective relationships while understanding children and young people's psychology.

EI prepares you for understanding social and emotional health, strategies to improve instructional practices, and highlights relevant research to address the barriers faced by everyday children that infers with education and emotional development.

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ISBN: 9781631297885
ISBN-10: 1631297880
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: August 8th, 2020
Pages: 184
Language: English